Two covers for one issue?  What’s going on you might say.   As I explained in the first post I knew Sam Kieth and he was kind enough to provide a cover for us.  Well Brian grew up with the super talented Mike Zeck and Mr. Zeck was kind enough to provide us with a cover also.  Our first thought was that Sam would be the first issue and Mike was going to appear on the second issue, but we ended up putting them both on the first issue.  Sam was the front cover and Mike graced the back of the comic.   That was for the first printing.   We actually went to a second printing for the issue.  We printed 2,000 copies for the first issue and realized that we were selling enough to go back to a second printing.   So to make it evident which was the first printing and which the second printing we flipped the cover.  So if you get a copy with Mike Zeck’s cover on the front that was the second printing.

In forth coming blog posts I have to talk about some of the other great talent that was going to do covers for us.  Great talent that neither Brian or I knew, but still volunteered their services.   Mark Wheatly and Drew Hayes were two of them and I wished we had lasted long enough just to see the covers they would have produced.  These two gentlemen are just an example of the kindness of the comic community.   But that’s for a new blog post.