As mentioned in the previous post Brian made copies from his sketch book and just sent me a bunch of the pages.  One thing I like to do with artists when I start working with them is find out what type of comics they enjoy.  I want to know what they want to work on.   Not everyone wants to do superheroes.  And from looking at Brian’s pages I could see he was not a superhero type guy.  I loved his artwork, I could see some Bode in his style, but it was not what you were seeing at the time.  Even today I think his style is his own and not something you see a lot of others doing.  We talked, Brian loved the old EC Comics.  He loved fantasy as evident from his sketches.  And I could see the humor in his work.  I took the pages he sent and I cut out the characters.   I put all these characters on my desk and started thinking of who they were.   I’ll talk more about this in the next post.  What I want to do here is show you a bunch of the characters I made paper dolls out of from Brian’s sketch book.a die4 die5 die6 die7 die8 - Copydie9 die10 die11 die12 die13 die14 die15 die16 die17 die18 die19 die20 die21 die22 die23 die24 die25 die26 die27 die28 die29  die31

die1 die2die3 die4 die5 die6die3 die4                                                                         die3die9 die8

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